The Eastern Africa Policy Centre hosts the African Young Scholars Colloquium

The Eastern Africa Policy Centre hosted the African Young Scholars Colloquium between 17th and 19th October 2017 in Nairobi, Kenya.

The colloquium themed “Liberty, Social Thinking, and Constitutional Government,” was led by Dr. Steve Davies, the Education Director at the Institute of Economic Affairs – United Kingdom.

The colloquium brought together 19 attendees drawn from 7 different nationalities: 7 Kenyans, 4 Nigerians, 2 South Africans, one from Tanzania, Eritrea, Uganda, Burundi, Ghana and the United Kingdom.

In the sessions, an array of topics were discussed revolving around ideas of rule of law, limited government, religion and markets, development, and innovation and spontaneous order. Dr. Steve Davies also gave a lecture on Trade, Global Society, and Cities.

The goal of the colloquium was to bring together young scholars from Sub-saharan Africa to discuss philosophical questions and problems that have a bearing on the African society and its development.