EAPC Programmes

Centre for Economic Policy and Regulation Studies

This Centre is the single defining Centre at the Eastern Africa Policy Centre. The Eastern Africa policy Centre hopes to establish a niche in economic policy research and regulation studies. Among the issues of study and analysis to be studied in this Centre include:

  1. Fiscal Policy
  2. Monetary policy
  3. Business Regulation and Ease of doing business
  4. Cross-border trade and commerce
  5. Corruption and governance
  6. Property Rights

The Centre for Freedom, Governance and Rule of Law Studies

The Centre for Freedom, Governance and Rule of Law Studies, concentrates on affronts to freedom, basic human rights and the application of the rule of law. This provides scholarships, insights, situational analysis and reports on governance, human rights and freedoms. The issues under study in the Centre for Freedom, Governance and Human Rights Studies include;

  1. Freedom of speech/political association and a whole range of individual freedoms
  2. Basic human rights, and particularly to guard against the inflation of human rights
  3. Rule of law and constitutionalism
  4. Governance-leadership, structures, functions, processes and organizational traditions as per the cons

Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies

The Centre for Peace and Security Studies concerns itself with, the study of human conflict and peace within the Horn of Africa, Central Africa, and Eastern Africa. The issues under the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies include;

  1. Track conflicts within the Horn, Central and Eastern Africa region
  2. Track the economic determinants of conflict
  3. Carry out research on institutional push factors of war and conflict