Nationalism is a Fool’s Paradise

Awhile back, back at the start of tumult in Ukraine, I waddled into one of the most protracted social media debates of my life.  See am not Russian, am African, as African as they come from Kenya. I do however have strong interests in international politics. That’s why I followed Russia’s barrage of Georgia its subsequent military annexation of South Ossetia. For such reasons, I have maintained interest superficial in events happening in Russia and its other nondescript neighbors.  

I followed the political incarceration of Yulia Tymoshenko, the trials, and tribulations President Victor Yanukovich made her go through.  I remember the events leading to Yanukovich’s renegade to a deal that was supposed foster ties with the European Union, the subsequent protests, the cessation of Crimea and the rebellion in Eastern Ukraine. This article is not about Ukraine, Russia or the geopolitical intrigues of Eastern Europe; it’s about us, us humans. 

The friend I had a protracted social media debate can claim part of the ancestral origin from Russia, I expected little less objectivity when it comes matters Russian and Ukraine. I begun by putting it to her that Putin was nuts, to which she replied with a haha, he is a genius. Genius? At that point, I would have choked on a morsel of air. Well, Putin is a genius, especially when it comes to overshadowing Obama as the world leader of resolute, but he has to be the biggest megalomaniac ever known to humankind. From his deep water dive stunts in Lake Baikal to his attempts at karaoke, Putin is the epitome of a man full to the brim with himself. 

My friend went on to tell me how Putin is a darling of the Russians and people of Russian descent, true to that word after Russia’s annexation of Crimea, Putin’s approval ratings are at an all time of 87%.  My friend went on to argue, how the EU and America were funding fascists and how global media was hell-bent on shading Russia in bad light. Since Russia’s escapades into Ukraine, thousands of lives have been lost, a Malaysian Flight MH17 was shot off the sky in a ‘rebel orgy gone horribly wrong.’ 

But I cannot help but wonder, how we, we the people provide the spiritual flames that fan these stupid politicians. Nationalism is a fool’s paradise. Looking back some of the biggest blotches in human history have been aided by foolish people, who believe in their hearts that they, being; German, Russian, Kikuyu, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Chinese, Hutu, Israeli, Palestinian, and Tutsi, black or white are different and special. They relegate reason to the periphery; they forget they are human, and humans treat each other humanely. Humanness is the cure to war, we all need peace.