Who We Are

EAPC was established in April of 2013 in Kenyan as a non-profit, Think-Tank organization dedicated to educating society on the benefits of entrepreneurship and fostering public awareness of important policy issues concerning business, government, and civil society. Through seminars, publications and articles, EAPC, seek to promote enlightened inquiry based on sound values. The formation of EAPC was driven by the need to establish a premier independent public policy think tank in Africa designed primarily to bridge the disconnect between public policy, policy outreach, and policy implementation.


To be a premier Centre for Free-Market oriented and Liberal policy analysis, education, and reform in Eastern Africa. The EAPC endeavors to become a proactive tool for goal- and development- oriented policy reform while providing governments, organizations, and individuals with evidence-based policy alternatives.


To promote and widen the frontiers of social, economic, and individual freedoms within Eastern Africa through in-depth policy research and analysis