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We have been giving Youth a platform to share ideas

We have been giving Youth a platform to share ideas

The Eastern Africa Policy Centre with the graceful support of the Network For a Free Society, is launching a new competition of under-graduate University and College Students in Kenya, under the name ‘Idea Lab’. The ‘Idea Lab’ is a program that is designed to allow and give students a platform to propose solutions to major; social Political issues in the Eastern Africa region. This year our focus is in providing solutions for youth unemployment.

The Task:

According to the Kenya Population and Housing Census (2009) those aged 35 years and below constitute 78.31% of the population off this 42.92% are 14 years and below while 35.39% are 34 years and below. This means that technically 35.39 % of Kenya’s are within the productive and general description of ‘youth’. The World Bank estimated that Kenya’s population in the year 2012 was 43.18 Million, thus it is safe to say that Kenya has a youthful population of over 15.28 million.

According to the Kenyan Youth Fact Book (2010), youth overall unemployment has persistently been at least double the national unemployment rate. Unemployment in Kenya stands at 40%, and 70% of those unemployed are between the ages of 15 and 35.

In light of the above statistics, it is paramount that youth come up with robust and thought through Policy solutions in for the unemployment impasse in Kenya. What policy solution would you propose as a panacea to the problem of youth unemployment in the country?   

Rules & Eligibility

  • Undergraduate Student Status in Any University in Kenya,
  • Form A group of Three Students
  •  Download The Registration Form Here
    Fill in the the Form, and send the Registration form + Your Policy Proposal to; and copy,
  • Policy Proposals Essay Guidelines The essay should be between 1200 and 1500 words
  • Double spaced
  • Font size 12,
  • Alignment justified,
  • double spaced line margins
  • Plagiarism is highly discouraged

                      The Prizes

Third Runners-Up: 250US$D

Second Runners-Up: 350 US$D

First Runners-Up: 750 US$D

First position: 1000 US$D



Time Schedule and Important Dates 


Stage 1: Call for Policy Papers July 1st 2014 to Aug 7st 2014
Stage 2: Moderation of policy papers Aug 7st 2014 to Sept 21st 2014
Stage 3: shortlisting of policy papers- Sept 21st
Stage 4: Virtual Policy Expert Sept21st to Oct 21st
Submission of Final Policy Document and Abstract Oct 30th
Policy Documents handed over to Judging Panel Oct 30th
Stage 5 defending of policy papers- and Judging Panel September Announcement and award of Winners Nov 12th
Stage 6: The Policy Platform

 Download The Registration Form Here

For more inquiries please contact:

Network For Free Society

Network For Free Society

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